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What is the Fantasy Art WebRing?

The Fantasy Art WebRing is an area for perspiring and aspiring artists working in the fantasy/science fiction genres. I hope it will expose a large number of people to the talented artists and the fabulous work that exists in the genre.

There are a couple of restrictions I've come up with for acceptance into the ring. If you pay attention to them, you'll save yourself and me some time.

  1. The work on the site must be of a fantastical or futuristic nature. If the work is just surreal in nature, don't bother submitting it to the ring.
  2. The work on the site must be your own, tribute sites will not be accepted. If you've got work by Frazetta or Boris on your site, you'd better be Frazetta or Boris!
  3. Strictly commercial sites will not be accepted.
  4. If I can't visit the site with javascript turned off, I'm very likely to remove you from the queue. I don't like excess windows popping up on the screen without my say-so.

If, after 7 days, you have not added the code for the webring onto your site, or I can't find it anywhere, your site will be removed from the queue. Please make certain to change the site id number in the HTML code sample to correspond to the site code given to you when you register your site.

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