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The shortest stop on our tour

We arrived early in the afternoon and checked into the hotel. Knowing that we had little time, we set out walking as soon as possible. It's a nice town. The area we walked through had tons of restaurants, something for which Adelaide is well known. It would take us several months to sample the cuisine of the restaurants we saw on our short little tour.

Adelaide has a casino in town (does there exist an Australian town that doesn't?)
Scott's haircut
Scott's haircut
and attempted to go in and play the slots. We got stopped because of our attire. Scott had made certain to wear a shirt with sleeves (they didn't like shirts without sleeves in Sydney). We guess they didn't like the fact that we were wearing shorts, but we didn't ask. Our attire would have gotten us in the door in Sydney, but not here. Instead of losing money in the slots, we went and bought a couple of decks of their playing cards.

Dinner was al fresco at a restaurant called Sabatini's, and then we had time to watch a game of footy on TV before crashing for the evening.

Next stop, Alice Springs/Ayer's Rock.