Sydney :: Melbourne :: Coober Pedy :: Adelaide :: Alice Springs/Ayers Rock :: Cairns/Port Douglas
Howdy all! We've returned from our three week journey through the great countryside of Australia.

We'd been planning on making a trip to Australia since we got married in 1988. Originally, it was scheduled for a tenth anniversary trip in 1998. When that date got close, we discovered a convention that we wanted to attend would be held in Australia one year later, so we delayed the trip until 1999. When that date got close, and we'd put a deposit down on the trip, we decided that leaving the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Season was not a great idea. So we rescheduled it once again, aiming for Spring 2000.

We made that target.

At the top of each page, you'll can find links to our reports from the various cities that we visited. Enjoy! and tell us what you think.