Welcome to my page on L.A.Con III, my second WorldCon. My first one was Winnipeg in '94, and my next one will be LoneStarCon2 in '97. I plan on working on that one, since it's in my home state.

On this page is a chronology of what I did at the con, pictures I took at the con and some commentary as well. If you've got questions, let me know.



  1. Got registration packet and checked out the programming
  2. Dealer's Room
  3. LoneStarCon2 booth volunteer
  4. Electronic Publishing
  5. Computer Art
  6. Opening Ceremonies



  1. Vampires in Literature - Horror vs. Heroic (Quinn Yarbro was on this panel)
  2. The Future of Religion
  3. Trailer Park with Jeff Walker
  4. Stop Me Before I Collect Again
  5. Independent Booksellers
  6. Particle Physics for Dummies
  7. Drawing to Order
  8. LoneStarCon2 Party helper



  1. How to do Research (Quinn Yarbro was on this panel)
  2. LoneStarCon2 booth volunteer
  3. SF & Genre Films Preview
  4. Autographs (Quinn Yarbro)
  5. Real Aliens
  6. The Wonders of the Ackermansion
  7. Reviewing Science Fiction & Fantasy
  8. Masquerade



  1. Autographs (Don Maitz)
  2. LoneStarCon2 booth volunteer
  3. Warner Brothers Presents
  4. Character & Costume (Quinn Yarbro was on this panel)
  5. LoneStarCon2 booth volunteer
  6. It crawled out of the Slush Pile
  7. Fannish P(h)ictionary
  8. Book Exhibit Raffle (I won $500 worth of books)
  9. Hugo Awards

  10. Hugo Nominees Party volunteer


Miscellaneous pictures

Guest of Honor

Fan Guest of Honor

Transportation to the Hugos


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